Why NewGate

Montessori School Versus Regular School.

NewGate serves as the Lab School of the Montessori Foundation.  As such, our goal is to embody the principles of best practice in Montessori education that the Foundation teaches to Montessori school leaders around the world.

As many of you know, the Montessori Foundation literately ‘wrote the book’ on how to integrate Montessori principles into all aspects of school life, from an authentic Montessori program and curriculum at each age level, to building a strong partnership-based community, student leadership, and family-friendly policies.

NewGate Offers:

An International Curriculum

  • We put the world into the palm of our students’ hands, studying and celebrating the cultures and nations from which we, or our forefathers/mothers, came.
  • The Montessori Foundation works with schools all over the world. Our extensive connections and ongoing work give us a solid foundation in international studies from the years of early childhood through high school graduation.
  • Elementary and Upper School students are able to meet and collaborate by two-way video link with fellow students in Montessori schools worldwide.
  • Our goal is to develop a Montessori-International Baccalaureate program at the Upper School level.

Second Language Classes

  • Students study a second language. Using Rosetta Stone Online to supplement and enhance our face-to-face language instruction, in addition to Spanish, and, at the Secondary level, German, students can also choose from more than 20 other modern foreign languages.
  • As the school grows, we will introduce additional languages as either third language optional studies or as alternative language classrooms.

A Diverse School Community Within an Independent School Setting

  • Our goal is to draw together children and families from all segments of the community in an independent school that does not seek government funding.
  • In order to provide as much assistance as we can for families who could not otherwise afford to participate in this type of program, we build funding for financial aid to our budget.


  • We place emphasis on creating a sustainable environment.
  • Students have ongoing lessons on living a life that is more in harmony with a sustainable environment.
  • Each class participates in class or shared organic gardens.

A Family-Friendly School

  • We offer Montessori extended-day programs for working families.
  • We also offer care on days when school is not in session (except for government holidays).
    We offer after-school clubs and studios, usually at no additional cost, to interested elementary and secondary students.
  • As interest grows, we plan to run optional summer programs, offering year-round Montessori education, language immersion, programs in the arts, field science, and travel.

A Close-Knit Montessori Partnership-Based School Community

  • All of our administrative and board decisions will be based on clear, written, and commonly understood values and principles of Montessori partnership (The Blueprint of Our Core Beliefs).
  • All members of our school community (faculty, students, parents, and the leaders of the School and Montessori Foundation) will be able to participate in a partnership-based process of ongoing discussion, planning, problem-solving, and self-study/program evaluation.
  • In a Partnership-based Montessori community, we are a ‘Circle of Equals.’ While the school is led by the highly experienced staff of the Montessori Foundation, there are no ‘somebodies and nobodies’ at The NewGate School, nor ‘in-groups’ or ‘out-groups.’ While all School policies and decisions are based on the Montessori Foundation’s core values and principles of Montessori Best Practice, every voice will be heard in a culture of kindness, respect, and search for the best solutions.
  • On an ongoing basis, parents, teachers, and students are invited to participate in Monthly Class and School-Wide Community Meetings.
  • We schedule many opportunities to come together as parents, students, and educators in celebration – not for an endless cycle of fundraising!

             A Peace Academy

  • Just as The Montessori Foundation teaches peace and partnership skills to schools around the world, we teach peacemaking and leadership skills to our students (and interested parents).
  • Children learn how to communicate clearly and assertively in ways that express kindness and respect.
  • They learn skills of conflict resolution, consensus building, and develop strong relationships.
  • They learn about the world’s great peacemakers and leaders of nonviolent social change.
  • We encourage our students to contribute to others through a tradition of community service and philanthropy.

              Computer technology and web-based communication

  • Live conversations will be held with fascinating men and women who represent relevant fields of interest, from science, technology, newsmakers, and community organizers.
  • Online learning opportunities of all sorts, from the sophisticated use of the Internet to actual online learning units for elementary and secondary students.
  • At the Elementary and Upper School level, everyday use of computer applications for a very wide range of writing, presentations, problem-solving, data analysis, and creative work.
  • Ongoing emphasis on the ethical, safe, and appropriate use of online communication.

A School for Entrepreneurs and Leadership

  • The NewGate School teaches children to be economically literate and capable.
  • We help them to understand business and industry, as well as personal economics.
  • Elementary and Upper School students learn about local businesses, professions, and the roles of local government from field experience and (at the Upper School) internships.
  • At the Upper School, level students will be encouraged and assisted in forming their own small businesses for hands-on learning.

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