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Applying For Financial Aid

NewGate School offers need-based financial aid to make a NewGate education accessible for more families. Applications are made via the FACTS online system to help our financial aid committee accurately and fairly assess a family’s need. After review, financial aid awards are granted aligned with a family’s demonstrated need. FACTS works with nearly 12,000 schools and over $9 billion in tuition funds. We understand the importance of providing your child with a Montessori education, which is why we are glad to partner with FACTS. The financial aid application process includes basic financial information including income, expenses, assets, and debts. FACTS uses that information to calculate need and sends that information to our tuition assistance committee. The committee then determines awards.


NewGate is for families committed to giving their children an exceptional education experience.

NewGate School focuses on each child as an individual and their parents’ reasons for wanting to be part of our school community.

Every year we meet families who would like to send their children to NewGate who cannot afford the full cost of tuition. We ask each family to focus on whether NewGate is genuinely the right match for their family’s values and their children’s needs, interests, abilities, and learning approach. Finding families who are the right “fit” takes effort and is our priority. We are looking to forge a long-term partnership relationship based on mutual values and beliefs about what constitutes a great educational experience.

As an independent school, we pay our way based on tuition and fundraising. Each year, our budget alllows for tuition assistance for families with demonstrated need.

We ask that each family pay their share of the total cost of their child’s tuition to the best of their ability. Using our resources, we do our best to support and partner with families and to broaden the reach of the NewGate mission. We invite families needing financial aid to apply through the FACTS Grant and Aid system that gives the school’s tuition assistance committee the documentation required to make informed decisions. We also ask families who seek help to also apply for Florida State Scholarships through Step Up For Students.

We must help the children to act for themselves, will for themselves, think for themselves; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.


Our Three Campuses

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Grades 7-12
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