To Apply For Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, submit your application for financial aid at the same time as your application for admission.

We have arranged for the TADS financial aid application processing center to provide an external and completely confidential financial-aid application service for NewGate families.

The site provides full details on their service. There is a modest fee. We use them to avoid having to impose on your family’s privacy in the financial aid assessment process. Once you have completed the application for admission and the TADS financial aid process, our financial aid office will be in touch within two weeks.

You don’t have to be wealthy to send your children to NewGate, but you do need to be committed to giving them a truly different kind of education.

We focus on each child as an individual and his or her parents’ reasons for wanting to be part of our school community, rather than the family’s financial resources.

Every year we meet a number of families who would like to send their children to NewGate who feel that they cannot afford the full cost of tuition, but also believe that they earn too much to qualify for financial aid.

Like any business, profit or nonprofit, as an independent school, we need to pay our own way. In our case, we depend entirely on tuition, and our resources are limited, however we have built an allowance for financial aid into our budget.

What we ask of families is that they focus on whether or not NewGate is truly the right match for both their family’s values and their children’s interests, abilities, and learning style.

Finding children and parents who are the perfect match will always be difficult for us, and it will remain our first priority. We are happy to discuss the school, and explore with you how your child might do here, and attempt to determine together how closely our values and goals match up with those you hold as parents.

We are looking to forge close and long-term relationships based on mutual values and beliefs about what constitutes a great school for your child.

Once we find the right fit between parents, student, and school, we ask each family to pay its full share of the cost of their child’s tuition to the very best of their ability. Then, we will look for the funds to make up the difference. Of course, there will be times when it may not be possible, because our funds will be limited; however, in cases, where the right fit has been found, we can often help.

“We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think for himself; this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit.”


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