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NewGate School’s Global Campus

Secondary Montessori Education Online for Global Scholars

As the Lab School of the Montessori Foundation, NewGate enjoys an international reputation, drawing students and their families from around the USA and abroad to join our dynamic online learning program.

Our Global Campus program allows students from all over the world to continue their Montessori education in a global learning environment. 

This robust program caters to the needs of the adolescent student who seeks a Montessori experience. The reasons for an online program are two-fold. We give Montessori students access to a middle and high school experience that is lacking in the home communities, and our eLearning program allows students who need an online program for a myriad of reasons. 

NewGate’s global classroom brings together motivated learners from around the world. 

NewGate is a fantastic fit for students who have flourished in a Montessori school but have no Montessori middle or high school program in their community. 

It is also a good fit for students whose avocations lead them to travel often and prefer an online community.

This is not the typical online school. It is personal, interactive, and designed to encourage hands-on experience, collaboration, friendships, and close ties between students and their guides.

We are pleased to receive applications from uniquely gifted, passionate learners who enjoy a collaborative real-time learning experience. Our students proceed through an exciting and challenging international course of studies at a highly individualized pace. 

Do you know a learner between ages 12 and 18 or in 7th through 12th grade who would benefit from NewGate’s Global Classroom experience?

Share this page with a friend or a student who you know who might benefit from a virtual community of learners. Or, have them contact us at [email protected]

“NewGate’s Global Campus for adolescents is an extension of NewGate’s Sarasota brick-and-mortar programming and the evolution of my child’s Montessori foundation. They have taken independent learning to a global cosmopolitan level, offering the very best caliber of teachers, curriculum, and community environment that sets them apart from any other virtual or homeschool option we explored.”

NaCherryl Moore & Mitch Ebanks

Cayman Islands

When parents ask me about NewGate Global, one of the words that spring to mind immediately is ‘thoughtful’. Not just thoughtful in the sense that the teachers and students show compassion for each other, which they do. However, as a parent observing my two sons on a daily basis, I find the curriculum and the way the teachers administer it to be ‘thought-full’, meaning full of thought. It inspires the students to think about subjects more profoundly. The assignments go deeper and are more personalized than traditional schools. The work is submitted with pride and the presentations that the students often lead the rest of the classes through further deepen the understanding of the material.

Although we initially had some concerns about our sons attending classes virtually, this concern was completely assuaged after the first week. Since every class is led by a group of supremely talented and caring teachers, the virtual format is actually an asset rather than a hindrance. The students also feel accountability for their presence and performance, which, over time, has been extremely beneficial to our sons.

The NewGate Global community is a very special collection of families, students, and teachers that is like nothing else we have encountered as a family through our long journey in education. With each passing year, the lead teachers gain more understanding of what works and what could be better. Unlike a traditional brick-and-mortar private or public school, which we have attended in the past, they have the freedom and courage to make changes that benefit the students. As a result, the program is able to remain agile and holistic, addressing the needs of each student in real time.

One of our favorite experiences is the way they handle parent-teacher conferences. The students themselves are responsible for creating a multi-page presentation, which they lead, informing the parents of what they’re learning that semester and why. All the teachers are present onscreen, and each comments about the students’ work in their subject. As parents, we can ask questions, express concerns, or complement the work. This profound effect on the students gives our sons pride in the work we want them to have and the agency to know they are capable of even more.

Our sons’ favorite extracurricular activity is called ‘Council.’ All the Global students meet once weekly to discuss world matters, participate in a thought exercise, or simply share feelings about an upcoming event. It’s a community-building activity that both challenges and welcomes the students to express themselves.

As a family, we are truly grateful to have found NewGate Global when we did. It is a forward-thinking approach to education that has made our family closer and offered us greater flexibility in our daily lives!

James Bartolomeo:

Dunedin, Florida

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