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As the Lab School of the Montessori Foundation, NewGate enjoys an international reputation add has drawn families from around the USA and abroad to join us in beautiful Sarasota, Florida

When the global pandemic hit last year, NewGate went online seamlessly. While almost everyone has been thrilled to be back on campus, we were joined by students from other states and countries who thrived online. 

NewGate is excited to introduce our Global Campus e-learning program that will allow students from all over the world to continue their Montessori education in a global learning environment. 

Today, the school boasts a robust eLearning program for students from four states and three countries. Our local eLearning program allows students with health concerns to continue their studies. 

The idea of expanding our global classroom, bringing together motivated learners from around the world, excites us because we know it will be a powerful experience for everyone involved!

NewGate is a terrific fit for students who have flourished in a Montessori school but have no Montessori elementary, middle, or high school program in their community. 

It is also a good fit for students whose avocations lead them to travel often, and prefer an online community.

This is not the typical online school. It is personal, interactive, and designed to encourage hands-on experience, collaboration, friendships, and close ties between students and their guides.

We are pleased to receive applications from uniquely gifted, passionate learners, and who enjoy a collaborative real-time learning experience. Our students proceed through an exciting and challenging international course of studies at a highly individualized pace. 

Do you know a young learner between age 6 and 10th grade (age 16) who would benefit from NewGate’s Global Classroom experience?

Share this page with a friend, a student who you know that might benefit from a virtual community of learners. Or, have them contact us at

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