Age 8 Weeks to 18 Months

Infant Montesori Program
Infant Montessori Program in Sarasota Florida


At NewGate, we believe that infants are born as complete beings, ready to explore and learn about the world around them. Our Infant program begins at age 8 weeks and provides a safe, caring, and engaging environment for each child to find their own interests and begin to socialize, encouraging brain development.

A calm, open classroom allows for freedom of movement and physical development. Our carefully selected Montessori materials encourage experimentation, sensory learning, and are evaluated and chosen by an Infant and Toddler trained Montessori teacher with years of experience. The children are enveloped in a language-rich environment, using the spoken word, simple sign language, books, music, and careful observation of each child’s actions and personalities. We take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather and include safe outdoor experiences as an important part of growth.

Families are so important to infants and toddlers, and they are important to NewGate as well! We work with each family to establish a routine specific to each child for eating, sleeping, diapering/toileting, and activity. We offer support and partnership to families, valuing parents insights, and understandings.

“The studies which have been made of early infancy leave no room for doubt: the first two years are important forever, because, in that period, one passes from being nothing into being something.”


Our Three Campuses


Age 8 weeks through Grade 6

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Grades 7 – 12

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Grades 7 – 12

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