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We are all lucky to be part of The New Gate School family, and we believe this is truly one of the most exciting times in the school's history. As co-chairs of the 2017-18 “Planting Seeds for the Future” Annual Fund, we have the distinct privilege of working with an incredible team of volunteers who are passionately committed to raising $150,000 for this school year. I am sure at this point we can all agree how well positioned the school is from both a financial and leadership standpoint.

This school year we carefully chose the theme “Planting Seeds for the Future” because it is a great match for every aspect of our school.

With this in mind, after reaching our goal, NewGate looks forward to; completing much needed repairs and beautifying the front buildings on the Ashton Road campus, installing park fencing with security as well as productive and attractive gardens. For the Lakewood Ranch campus the intent is to install a science lab, a sports field and mimic the beautiful gardens from Ashton Road-all of this is….. planting seeds for the future.

Jim and I always evaluate a product's or service's merit by asking ourselves whether or not we think someone would invent that product or offer that service if it did not exist. If you ask yourself that question with regard to NewGate, the answer is a resounding yes.

Yes, someone would invent this school, because engaged communities need a child-centered school that teaches to the strengths of each child and instills a love of learning.

We need a school that “loves our children to a better place.”

Communities need a school that focuses on building extraordinary character in our children.

And communities need a school that creates in our children the intellectual and moral foundation they will need in this world.

We are fortunate NewGate fulfills these vital community needs.

No one needs to invent a school like NewGate today because the work was done for us by those who came before.

Some of us have been part of the extended NewGate community for many years. It is such a pleasure to see how the children grow up to become outstanding young men and women, and now to have our own Alexandra and Nicholas in the Upper School.

We are honored to lead this campaign.

Thank you for being part of this marvelous family and please join us in “Planting Seeds for the Future” through your gift to this year's NewGate Fund as we honor our faculty and staff, our children, and our campus and community.

Please feel free to contact Jim or me with any questions you may have.


Susan and Jim Cavanaugh

Our gifts make the magic possible!

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