The Application Process

To begin the application process, please complete our online application form at TADS, the comapny that handles NewGate's admissions, financial aid, and tuition payments. There is non-refundable application fee of $100.00.

We carefully consider each application in the order of its submission.

If your child has attended preschool or school, in addition to your application form, we will need a completed release of records form. Because school records are official documents, our office will mail your signed release form to your child's present or former school. The application and student records release forms are available online from the following links.

TAD Admissions and Enrollement link

We will ask your child's present school, or child care provider if applicable, for copies of transcripts, previous test results, and three student recommendation forms. Because we will not be able to act on your application until they have arrived, please ask that they be sent to us without delay.

As soon as we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange for your child to come in to visit in one of our classes. Applicants for the Early Childhood Programs (age 3-6) will normally spend at least two mornings with us. Applicants for the Elementary or Upper School Programs (Grades 1-12) will normally spend at least two full days with us in class.

Children who are applying for admission at the Early Childhood level (age 3 through 6) will also be given a developmental screening.

Applicants for admission to the Elementary or Upper School levels (age 6 through 18 years-old/Grades 1 through 12) will be asked to complete a series of informal tests and exercises that will give us a better sense of their present level of reading comprehension, writing ability, mathematics, and cultural literacy.

Contact Tim Seldin at 941-922-4949 or Email timseldin@montessori.org for further information.

After your child's visit, we will contact you to schedule your Family Interview. Our Admissions Committee will normally be able to respond to your application within two weeks after these steps have been completed.

Upon acceptance, you will have two weeks in which to return your enrollment agreement and non-refundable $750 enrollment deposit to secure your child's space.

We follow a rolling admissions process, and applications are considered and admissions decisions are made as they are received and the steps are completed. Because we see the admissions process as a partnership between family and school, admission is based on many factors which we consider together all based on whether or not the student, family, and school are a good fit. Admissions is therefore not competitive, but rather a reflective and supportive process of collaboration.