Montessori Community Sarasota

As a Partnership-based Montessori community, we consciously create a Circle of Equals. There are no somebodies and nobodies, nor in-groups or out-groups at NewGate. Parents, educators, and children are all members of the school community.

The school is led by the Montessori Foundation, and school policies and decisions are based on its core values and principles of Montessori Best Practice, rather than an ever changing debate about the School’s mission and identity.

However, with strong Montessori leadership, comes a belief that, while core principles cannot be compromised, parents, teachers, students, and school leaders can and should explore issues and ideas together in a culture of kindness and respect.

We hold monthly School Community Meetings to provide one of several forums. We also offer a wide range of workshops and discussions on partnership parenting and how the school is preparing our children to face the challenges of a changing world.

We believe that a school can be a close-knit community of families who share common values, in addition to a place where children attend class. We welcome family involvement, but do not require it. Interested parents are invited to participate in many ways, from organizing celebrations to long range planning. We do, however, expect each family to work closely with us to support their children’s education.