Montessori Family Alliance

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to participate in the Montessori Foundation's latest national project: The Montessori Family Alliance. 
The Montessori Family Alliance is an international network of Montessori parents, teachers, and friends of Montessori. 
It focuses on raising amazing children, answering parent questions about Montessori, and Montessori family life from infants and toddlers through teens.

As members of the NGS community, we are all founding members of the Montessori Family Alliance:

Tomorrow's Child, our Montessori Family magazine, both online and in print

Montessori Family Life Parenting Tips from Lorna McGrath and our network of Montessori experts
Weekly Montessori Family Life Parenting Webinars - Participate live, or watch the recordings

Access to the Members' Library, which is an ever-growing collection of articles, videos, and podcasts about:           

  • Montessori programs from infant-toddler through high school
  • Those mysterious Montessori materials and lessons

  • Montessori research
  • Montessori at home
  • Montessori parenting strategies
  • Tips on great books, field trips, projects, and things to do with your children outside of school
  • Stories about interesting programs and projects at other Montessori schools
  • Interviews with former Montessori students
  • Recordings of wonderful talks by renowned Montessori educators, child psychologists, and researchers
  • Insights into how parents can become more engaged in the school community
  • Support for parent volunteers
  • Moderated Montessori Family Life Parenting Discussion Forums
  • In-depth Montessori Parenting Education Programs
  • One-On-One Parent Mentoring 
Set up your Montessori Family Alliance Individual Membership (at no cost) using our School's membership code: U5D5VU

Click on the link labeled Sign Up on the top right of the screen, or  Go to http://www.montessori.org/member-signup

Sign up Page    
Follow these steps:       
A. Select individual membership.

B. Select "MFA/TC Individual Online-Only Subscriber."

(We also receive printed copies of Tomorrow's Child a year - This is just for your digital access)

C. Enter our School's membership code in the coupon box = U5D5VU

D. = Click the Apply Code button.


E. = Enter the anti-spam text.


F. = Click to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of use.


Then click on submit.

You will get an email titled "Welcome to the Montessori Family Alliance and Tomorrow's Child Members' Area. It will give you the link to set up your password and log in.


We encourage you all to take advantage of your Montessori Family Alliance membership.

It is intended to build on, not replace, the parent workshops, special events, on campus discussions, and lines of communication that come directly through the School. Lorna, Robin, the teachers, and I will be organizing many live events this year along these lines as well, from discussion groups, documentaries, guest speakers, parenting education programs, and guest speakers.