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Students cooking at the French Culinary Studio

French Culinary Studio

In the Upper School, a group of students 7-9 grade are currently engaged in a 4-week French Culinary Studio after school on Mondays at the Lakewood Ranch Campus. (An Italian one will follow after the new year.)

Gregory Desvenain, a NewGate parent and former chef, graciously volunteered to organize and teach this first 4-week studio. His specialty is French cuisine. The structure of the studio is that each Monday, from 3:30 - 4:45, students will learn to cook a course for an authentic French meal. At the end of the four week period, the students will then prepare the entire meal for parents and guests. There is no cost for the studio itself but there will be a small charge for the meal at the end of the four week period.

The dinner will be November 17th@ 6.00pm

We can go up to 40 attendees in addition to the student chefs

First course

All dishes will be served with a 4oz wine glass.


-Tomates Mozzarella au Pesto de Capres
-Tomatoes Mozzarella with a capers pesto
Côtes de provence rosé

-Crevettes Piccata Creoles
-warm Shrimp Creoles
Domaine horgelus, white wine

-Poulet Cordon bleu au Beurre Blanc
-Chicken cordon bleu, Beurre blanc Sauce
-Vegetarian " New Gate Rice"
Chateaux les moutins, Bordeaux Red or White

-Fondant au Chocolat
-Chocolate fondant
Comte de Bailly, sparkling white

Adult: 35.00/Person

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