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NewGate expands to second campus

With the opening of our second campus in Lakewood Ranch, NewGate is finally able to expand.

NewGate is the independent, international, college-preparatory Montessori school of Sarasota. The school offers a Montessori-International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at the high school level and serves as the Lab School of the international Montessori Foundation.

NewGate is a distinctly different educational choice within the Sarasota-Manatee community. It the perfect match for students who have a passion for learning independently and are looking for a learning environment that challenges them to think past the traditional setting. NewGate nurtures character development, places a focus on international studies, develops an entrepreneurial spirit, and fosters 21st century leadership skills. Our student body (age 18 months through grade 12) represents more than 30 countries, many of whom moved to Sarasota to attend NewGate.

Many people think of Montessori as a preschool program, but that is far from the full picture. With more than 25,000 registered schools, Montessori is the largest independent school system in the world and extends through high school.

Ideally, students begin in Montessori when they are very young – the years when young brains are most open to the stimulation and support of a child-centered, intellectually stimulating and emotionally empowering prepared learning environment. We nurture curiosity, creativity, independence, organization, and executive function skills.

NewGate accepts applications from older students at all levels, always looking for the right fit between student, family, and school.

Our goals, as parents and as a school, are likely to be quite similar. We both want your child to find an educational setting where he or she will blossom and where you, as parents, will feel confident that you have made the right choice. We go through the process together, looking at each child as a unique individual.

Older students who join us tend to be talented, college-bound young people, who think outside of the box and want to learn deeply, but are bored or uncomfortable with the school and student culture found in much larger, conventional schools. We believe that education should be parentship among students and teachers; a journey, not a race.

At NewGate, students are guided in a manner much closer to what they will experience in college: individualized and collaborative, hands-on learning; seminars, labs; field experience; and projects. Students normally develop a high degree of personal organization; habits of diligent effort; comprehensive, in-depth reading and writing skills; and the appreciation that an education is a gift, not a burden.

NewGate is not right for every student or family, but those who love us tend to see the school community as a second ‘home.

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