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Budding Young Gardeners at Kids Day

What's New Lisl Liang; Saturday April 11, 2015 at Payne Park

Dozens of families stopped by the NewGate School booth in Payne Park this morning to grow their "green thumb." The "Gardening with Love" hands-on kids activity had children of all ages making starter kits with their favorite GMO-free, heirloom seeds. Lorna, Robin and NewGate parent ambassadors were on hand to answer questions about Montessori education, our summer camps and how kids could make their very own kitchen garden. The biggest hits seemed to be Hates Jumbo Cantaloupe, Scarlet Nantes Carrot, Crimson Watermelon and Utah Celery. Youngsters just couldn't believe how small the celery seeds were--we were planting those by the pinch! Everyone had the opportunity to cultivate their patience, nurturing and fine-motor skills. It was lovely to see all the children working on their handwriting skills by making labels identifying all the to-be plants in their newly-created garden. Thank you to everyone for helping us send over 75 NewGate starter kits home today. Family Living magazine hosted another fabulous Annual Kids Day. Thank you Publisher Beth Winkle, former NewGate mom, and her team!

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